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Efficient recovery of unsecured non-performing loans

ABIT and Debitos offer financial service providers an easy way to quickly recover unsecured...

ABIT - a bit better

By placing their trust in us over the past 30 years, more than 700 customers from many economic sectors have made us what we are, one of the leading software and consulting firms specialising in credit, debtor and debt management. Whether you are looking for immediately available standard solutions, or an expert solution partner for complex project situations - we will work with you to create and define your individual standard based on cutting-edge technologies. If you are looking for new, more profitable approaches, we would be happy to support you. You can always expect us to give 101 % ABIT - a bit better.

ABIT Wholesale Credit

Integrated, modular workflow IT providing a complete visualisation of the highly individual credit transactions in the wholesale sector

Claims management

An automated claims management system solution that is tailored to your needs with deadline monitoring for increasing the success in collections

Process Optimization

Workshop series for the determination, analysis and optimization of insurance-specific processes